15 Essential Gadgets to Have in Your RVs for Comfortable Road Trips

These days, traveling has become an important part of life to release stress and RV has become a trend for traveling on longer routes. As it provides with a home comfort feeling and provide all the facility of home.

Traveling in RV and adding some of the latest accessories of RV can help your journey to become more comfortable and memorable.

Some RVs accessories that will not only make your trip comfortable and helpful but will also add a stylish look to RV are..

15 Essential Gadgets to Have in Your RVs for Comfortable Road Trips

1. GPs

One of the most important gadgets is GPS. While traveling most of your time will be spent on roads, however, GPS will help you to navigate the right destination, making it easier for you to reach wherever you want.

However RVs vary in different size, length and width, so one should always search for a GPS gadget that fits in his/her RVs. Once you’ve bought the GPS gadget, you have to add dimension details so one could find the best route according to the size of the RV. It will lead to a safer and comfortable journey in case of strange and smaller roads.

Most of the GPS navigates your roads which are suitable for normal cars; hence RV-specific GPS will help you to navigate the width of the roads which will be suitable for RV. Such distinguishing feature in GPS gadget of RV helps you to easily reach your destination without being stuck on smaller roads.

2. Electrical management system

If your planning for long trips, one should take all the precautions and keep themselves safe from the fluctuation of sudden voltage. That the place where you will need an electrical management system.

Installing an electrical management system which will help you to give protection from low and high voltage fluctuations eventually saving your trip from getting spoiled. One can also use surge protection as you can get the same results and it’s cheaper to buy.

3. Tire pressure checking systems

Before going out of station or on vacations all the safety measures should be taken and taking care of your RV tires is most important. If one is traveling long-distance without any stop or break the tires can cause frictions causing them to increase the pressure and heat.

In case not cooled down, they can burst on the road causing a serious problem. One should always keep a tire pressure monitoring system that will monitor tire pressure and temperature and will send an alert if any issue is found. This gadget also helps you to know that the tire rims are safe and it also helps to. Prevent tire rims from damaging.

4. Temperature monitor for the safety of pets

 If you’re traveling with your pet it is essential to keep this gadget in your RV. This device measures the temperature of the RV letting you know if it’s suitable to leave your pet alone in the RV. 

The device should be connected to your phone while set at a specific temperature. If the temperature increases it will notify it on phone so you can head back toward RV to take care of your pet.

5. Portable solar panels

Solar panels are very useful for long trips. You can find both attached and portable solar panels. But portable is more convenient to use because if one parks RV in shade you can easily move solar panels towards the sun leaving them to charge and at the same time leaving your RV parked in shade to let it cool down.

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6. Drinking water hose

 Water is essential for living. One cannot survive long without drinking water which makes a drinking water hose important in your RVs. Once the drinking water hose is installed we’ll look for a water source in proximity. One should fill tanks before starting his/her trip as it will be the only source of water in case there is a shortage of water.

7. Weight distribution hitch

This gadget helps safe towing while protecting the vehicle while moving off-road at a higher speed. It also helps equal redistribution weight of the towing vehicle, which helps in making leveled towing space. According to the size of the RV, one should buy the weight diary hitch.

8. Wi-Fi booster and repeater

Wherever you go a good internet connection is very necessary to have a wifi router or antenna. Such devices serve as a savior in harder times by providing the best signals of Wi-Fi even while staying away from the Wi-Fi tower.

However, it’s an important device, especially when one in a remote area and not getting the signal which is required for surfing on the internet. This device helps you to catch signal easily from the nearby Wi-Fi tower which will give you super-fast internet

9. Portable microwave

While leaving for long trips and adventure this gadget is essential as it will help to warm your food again and again. It will be very convenient and easy to use.

With a portable microwave, you don’t have to go buy food or lunch again and again as it will help you to warm and prepare your lunch. It can also serve you at times of emergency when you are unable to find lunch you can prepare your lunch using a portable microwave 

10. Cabinet waste or storage waste

 This basket can be used as a garbage bin or for storage. It can store stuff like plastic bags, dry food, or cleaning supplies. It is really easy to install and no extra hardware is needed for installation.

11. Double RV cupboard

 This compatible and handy RV cupboard keeps your food in place preventing it from sliding and slipping all over the place when you’re taking turns or driving down the road.  They can be used inside closets, cupboards, and RV refrigerators. They carry from sizes 10″ to 17″.

12. RV black tank cleaning wand

This wand is really useful as it helps you to deposit stubborn dump. The powerful rotary actions of cleaning removed the particles to keep your RV clean and smell good.  Cleaning with one of these wands also helps the black tank sensor to work properly.

13. RV toilet treatment drops.

These drops are very essential to use to keep your RV smelling good. These drops are specially formulated to break down the waste. As it is super easy to use, one just has to drop the treatment in the toilet and flush it out before starting with a trip or at any stop.  These packets are biodegradable.

14. Sidewinder RV sewer hose support

 This support comes in many sizes varying from 10 to 30 feet. This support system cradles and lifts the sewer hose while it is connected between the black tank and the sump station, which helps it to prevent damage and punctures to the sewer hose. These supports are super easy to install and are durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

15. A portable power station

If one needs his/her CPAP running all night, or wants a super-easy way of charging their mobiles or tablets. Solar Portable power station would be the easiest way to your problem. It keeps charging when you’re on road.

 While traveling, these are the essential gadgets that one should always keep on long road trips for a comfortable and safe journey. If you’re missing these gadgets then you have to face several issues during your road trip.

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