It can be tough choosing the best car stereo under 100 because there are many things that you need to consider to make the right decision.

Before buying it is essential to check if the stereo has the option of Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with smartphones, display settings, and also what other built-in features it provides.

Editor’s Pick

Pyle plts78dub is the editor’s pick for best car stereo under 100 as it provides Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling, and many other features at this great price.

Buying Guide


  • For the most part, you will discover Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connectivity on the best sound systems for your vehicle.
  • If you’re picking a vehicle radio that has a huge presentation screen, at that point an AV association is additionally essential, as this will permit you to interface a DVD player as well.

CD Playback

  • The capacity to play CDs through your vehicle sound system isn’t standard. This implies you ought to pick a vehicle sound system that takes into consideration CD playback if that is imperative to you.

Hands-Free Calling/Smartphone Integration

  • If the stereo has Bluetooth availability, at that point you will have the option to interface your smartphone with it.
  • Some stereo provides interface through Apple Carplay or Android Auto.
  • Another component of cell phone incorporation that you will discover in top car stereo is the capacity to utilize Spotify, Pandora, or other radio applications.


  • It will generally have a backdrop illumination framework, which will be significant for having the option to see the screen around the evening time.
  • These presentation screens will for the most part be touchscreens as well, so this can be very easy to understand, and you may likewise have the option to download GPS applications for them as well.

Top 8 Best Car Stereo Under 100

Rating PRICE
Pyle plts78dub

☞ Bluetooth technology
☞ Compatibility with smartphone
☞ High screen resolution
3.6Price on Amazon
BOSS Audio 616UAB

☞ Bluetooth technology
☞ Instant mute button
☞ Built-in EQ presets
3.9Price on Amazon
BOSS Audio 820BRGB

☞ Changeable backlighting
☞ Preset EQ
☞ Wireless remote
4.0Price on Amazon
Sony XAV-AX1000

☞ Rearview camera
☞ Extra bass
☞ Rotatory volume
4.4Price on Amazon
Alpine CDE-W265BT

☞ iPhone/Ipad support
☞ MOSFET amplifier
☞ built-in radio
4.5Price on Amazon
Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

☞ Bluetooth connectivity
☞ USB charging
☞ High quality sound
4.4Price on Amazon
Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

☞ Sound customization
☞ Bluetooth connectivity
☞ Dashcam
4.1Price on Amazon
Kenwood KDC-BT958HD

☞ Stylish
☞ Multi-color display
☞ Faceplate is detachable
2.7Price on Amazon

1. Pyle plts78dub

Price on Amazon


  • This one of the cheap car stereos has earphones with Bluetooth technology that can easily be connected with your smartphone to receive calls
  • Its on-screen controls allow you to choose between SD card and USB drive and also has built-in radio with AM and FM frequency
  • The motorized screen telescope has a clear resolution of 1440×230 pixels which allows you to move without any struggle
  • It has a 7” widescreen and operates using the screen display and wireless remote control
  • For the security purposes, the front panel of this one of the cheap car stereos is removable


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Compatibility with smartphone
  • High screen resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Support multiple audio formats


  • Non-versatile EQ that only gives treble and base adjustments rather than mid-range ones

The Pyle’s car stereo with bluetooth has a great quality of connectivity and Bluetooth calls. This car stereo with bluetooth allows you to easily connect with multiple sources.

The motorized telescope has a resolution of 1440×230 pixels that allow you a struggle-free movement. Furthermore, the on-screen controls of this car stereo with bluetooth are quite easy and efficient and have a built-in radio with AM and FM frequency.

The sound quality of this car stereo with bluetooth is great in the case of Bluetooth calls but still lacks the essential features required for sound adjustments.


I have bought this recently and it works great.

2. BOSS Audio 616UAB

Price on Amazon


  • This best car stereo for the money includes the feature of Bluetooth that allows you to make and pick calls without creating any distractions
  • Its media playback supports mp3 and WMA file formats and the radio supports both AM and FM frequencies
  • This best car stereo for the money is compatible to receive audio output from smartphones and also mp3 players
  • The stereo system includes next-generation 616UAB that provides dimmable illumination for buttons and has updated dancing LED lights


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in EQ presets
  • Instant mute button


  • The display is sometimes hard to see in daylight

This BOSS best budget car stereo is great for the people who want to connect their smartphones or mp3 player because this stereo offers Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports along with AUX input.

The built-in EQ presets of this best budget car stereo adapt to the genre of the music you play. The best budget car stereo also contains a user-friendly remote that enables you to control the settings without any struggle.

The display of the best budget car stereo has dimmable illumination for buttons and also has dancing LED lights, but the drawback with the screen is that it is sometimes hard to see in the sunlight.


This in dash receiver works like a charm.

3. BOSS Audio 820BRGB

Price on Amazon


  • The Bluetooth technology of this best car stereo for the money let you make and pick calls through the built-in microphones and car speakers
  • The USB ports will give you a vast variety of audio files and the auxiliary inputs allow to easily attach the mp3 players
  • The car stereo has more than 16 million color combinations for the multi-color illumination
  • This best car stereo for the money has front and rear Pre-Amp outputs to connect your speakers and also has USB charging option available


  • Changeable backlighting
  • Wireless remote
  • Preset EQ
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Reception is not great

This best cheap car stereo gives you an option between playing CD, listening to AM/FM radio, or attaching your smartphone with the AUX cable or Bluetooth connectivity.

The best cheap car stereo has 80 watts channel power which gives an extremely loud sound. The EQ presets of this best cheap car stereo give you the choice of adjusting the sound levels according to your needs.

The issue that many customers have faced with this BOSS best cheap car stereo is that as compared to other products from the same brand the connectivity of this one is not so great.


I bought this in dash receiver for my old truck it has been working great for listening to calls. The radio picks up quite well and smartphones can also be easily connected.

4. Sony XAV-AX1000

Price on Amazon


  • This best single din android car stereo has voice control with Apple CarPlay
  • This car stereo also includes a rearview camera that assists in parking
  • With its dynamic stage organizer, the best single din android car stereo creates virtual speakers on the dashboard
  • It provides easy operation with rotatory volume


  • Rearview camera
  • Rotatory volume
  • Extra bass


  • Not compatible with Andriod

When you plug your iPhone into the front USB input of this best affordable car stereo, you’ll get Apple’s smooth UI springing up on the 6.2″ touchscreen for your pleasure.

Sony’s best affordable car stereo is outfitted with a detachable receiver for your voice while other person’s voice will play through your vehicle’s speakers.

For the music sweethearts, you can pull up your preferred playlists in Spotify, Pandora, Tidal,  and Apple Music,  through the touchscreen. The best affordable car stereo is an extremely perfect choice to help get you the Apple CarPlay accommodation that your present vehicle may not bolster.


This best affordable car stereo has an amazing screen I am very impressed with it.

5. Alpine CDE-W265BT

Price on Amazon


  • This Dash 2 Din car stereo has Bluetooth connectivity and iPhone/ iPad support
  • This one of the cheap car stereos also has built-in radio with AM/FM frequency
  • It also has built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • It provides an option for CD players and support mp3 and WMA file format
  • This one of the cheap car stereos has 2 line displays with different color illumination


  • iPhone/Ipad support
  • built-in radio
  • MOSFET amplifier
  • 2 line display


  • Doesn’t pick all the radio stations

The CDE cheap bluetooth car stereo is the best twofold DIN vehicle sound system that you can discover in the market. This cheap bluetooth car stereo is a one-stop music player, has a smooth 2-line LCD show, and a customizable color button with display brightening.

This cheap bluetooth car stereo has a mark rotational handle to make it simple to control the music and advantageous front board with helper input.

This implies you or the traveler may module a versatile media player for an extra diversion source if you weren’t feeling Bluetooth or it was appearing to be somewhat rough.


Everything that I needed from a cheap bluetooth car stereo, it had all those features. Very happy with this unit.

6. Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

Price on Amazon


  • The car radio with bluetooth stereo has a Bluetooth technology that allows you to pick and receive calls
  • It has adjustable illumination and brightness settings
  • This car radio with bluetooth also provides you the option of USB charging


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • High quality sound
  • USB charging


  • The display is dim

The Pioneer car stereo receiver is a phenomenal decision for thrifty purchasers. Regardless of whether it’s as of now empowered in your vehicle or not, the car stereo receiver includes Bluetooth network, so you can remotely stream music and answer (and end) calls through the vehicle’s speaker framework.

There’s additionally a front-board USB and AUX contribution in this best car stereo receiver for attaching different devices, including an iPhone or handheld music players.


At a reasonable price, this best car stereo receiver gives all the features you can ever ask for.

7. Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

Price on Amazon


  • This single din car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android auto
  • It includes Bluetooth technology that allows you to pick calls and streams different audios
  • This single din car stereo does not include CD and DVD play
  • You can easily connect it to weblink and enjoy Youtube, eaze, etc


  • Sound customization
  • Dashcam
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Glitchy software

The Kenwood Excelon best single din car stereo interfaces with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay through USB associations.

The best single din car stereo has a 6.95-inch LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity, and you can associate and switch between a five-sound source.

You’ll get incredible sound quality also, because of the best single din car stereo amp with 22-watt RMS (50-watt top) power across four channels and a 13-band realistic equalizer to streamline sound dependent on your vehicle.


I bought this best single din car stereo for myself and my wife’s car, it is an amazing unit

8. Kenwood KDC-BT958HD

Price on Amazon


  • This single din car stereo has built-in Bluetooth and HD radio
  • The display of this unit has 3 line display
  • The single din car stereo is compatible with mp3, WMA, AAC and also has CD play
  • It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and Siri Eyes Free


  • Stylish
  • Faceplate is detachable
  • Multi-color display
  • Great sound quality


  • Sometimes hard to see the display in daytime

This best single din stereo conveys more than what you would anticipate from a solitary DIN head unit. Its moderate structure and exhibit of highlights settle on it an ideal decision for tuning in to music out and about.

In contrast to numerous other sound system collectors, the Kenwood best single din stereo has a removable faceplate. It has an instinctive USB organizer route with a few mix settings for a simple music route.

The best single din stereo additionally has Bluetooth availability for without hands calling. It includes that signature Kenwood sound with its attention on mid-high, highs, and sub-lows.


I enjoy the Bluetooth connectivity, this best single din stereo is one of the best head units I have seen so far.


These are some of our suggestions for the best car stereo under 100. With all the features you also need a mounting kit so you can install the car stereo properly and easily.

We hope that this guide will help you in finding the perfect stereo for your car.


1. who makes the best car stereo under $100?

Pioneer has made some of the best car stereos under $100.

2. Will a new stereo work with my existing factory options?

Some existing factory stereos have options like radio, navigation, or Bluetooth. But unfortunately, these are not compatible with the newly bought stereo.

3. Can I get a stereo that will match my dash illumination?

Yes, you can, but make sure that the unit you are buying allows you to change the color for the different parts of receivers.

4. Will a new car stereo work with my smartphone?

Yes, many stereos now include USB ports or Bluetooth that allows you to connect your smartphones. In addition to that many new models support the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

5. Is it hard to install a new car stereo?

It isn’t, you can easily follow the instructions given in the manual and install the car stereo.

6. Will I need an installation kit?

It depends on the car, many cars need a mounting kit so you can install the car stereo easily and properly.

7. where can I find a cheap pioneer 2 din bluetooth car stereo?

You can easily find a cheap pioneer 2 din Bluetooth car stereo from Pioneer collection.


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