Top 6 Best Little League Wood Bats – Review & Buying Guide 2021

This buying guide holds a greater emphasis for those parents who are actually seeking for the best little league wood bats for their little baseball players.

Truth to be told, it is not the easiest task to find the best little league wood bats for their hitters as they are not at an age to understand exactly their types and desires of little league bat requirements.


So, you as a parent should spend enough time before picking one. That is why my article is here to help you guide and make clear about how and why you should get the best little league wood bats.

Before buying best little league wood bat, you should know each and every detail. Usually, wood bats are made of a variety of wood types including maple, bamboo, ash, etc. And every wood has its own quality and setbacks. We have brought together a guide that includes best little league wood bats in this article and guideline as well that will help you choose best little league bat you are seeking for.

Things to consider before buying


Before buying a little league wood bat you should know that bats are categorized on the basis of material they are made of. Generally, little league wood bats are made from different types of wood we mentioned above and each type has its own pros and cons. For example, maple wood bats are heavier in weight, but they make a great power for hitting. On the contrary, little league-approved bats made from ash, are lighter in weight and have a larger sweet spot.


As you are looking for bats for your little players so the most important factor before buying bats is its weight. The weight of the little league wood bats varies from one wood type to another wood type. The weight has an impact on speed. As a rule of physics, the lightweight bat, the faster it is going to swing. So if you want to achieve excellent swing speed, then you should go for a lightweight bat type.

The diameter of the handle

Considering the diameter of the handle is necessary when it comes to choosing a bat for little hands players. Typically, for a smaller hand, you should look for a bat that also has a smaller handle diameter. The diameter of the handle is indirectly proportional to the speed. Smaller the handles greater will be the speed.

Experience of hitting

If you are new to wood bats then you should go for bamboo and ash wood types as they will let you hit easily and accurately. But if you are experienced with wood bats, then maple wood type is best for you.

We hope that by the end of this buying guide, you will be confident enough to make a good choice of best little league wood bats that will meet your little player requirement.

Top 6 Best Little League Wood Bats

1. Easton S500 3

☞• BBcor certified
☞• Thin 32/32 inch
☞• 7050 aircraft alloy
4.9/5Check Price
2. Rawlings 5150 USA League Wood Bat

☞• Quicker swing speed
☞• One piece 5150
☞• Large sweet spot
4.5/5Check Price
3. Louis ville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519

☞• 2.5/8” barrel diameter
☞• 31/32” tapered handle
☞• Balanced swing weight
4.8/5Check Price
4. Easton Pro 271 Ash Wood Baseball Bat

☞• Medium sized handle
☞• Longer tape
☞• Handcrafted in USA
4.0/5Check Price
5. De Marini 2019 Voodoo Balance Wood Bat

☞• Constructed with X14 alloy
☞• 3 fusion system
☞• More than 5 sizes
4.7/5Check Price
6. Axe Bat Avenge SR Youth Baseball Bat

☞• 2-piece composite construction
☞• Patented axe handle
☞• USSSA approved
4.8/5Check Price

1. Easton S500 #3 

Price on Amazon

  • BBcor certified
  • Thin 32/32 inch
  • 7050 aircraft alloy

Let’s look for Easton S500 BBCOR little league approved wood bats, one of the popular brand and BBCOR certified little league bat. As it is a certified brand so you should not worry about its authenticity. I hope our reviews and guide will help you make the best decision regarding this bat.

This little league wood bat comes in three sizes that are 31, 33 and 34 inches in length with 28, 30 and 31 Oz in weights respectively. So, the ratio of length and weight comes with standard measurement. It is constructed with 7050 aircraft alloy that is the powerful aluminum alloy. It is the most stunning bat with the top-rated customers’ review.


  • Balanced length and weight
  • Tapered handle
  • One piece of aluminum alloy


  • Light yellow color irritates many players
Customer Review
  • It is the great bat. My son loves this bat and I gifted him when he graduated with a third grade and this is my second time of purchasing same bat with different lengths.
  • Great weight with perfect balance and pop.

2. Rawlings 5150 USA League Wood Bat

Price on Amazon

  • Quicker swing speed
  • One piece 5150
  • Large sweet spot
  • Lighter weight

Looking for a newly renovated little league baseball bats. It meets all the USA baseball bat standards. To buy this bat you don’t need to invest more it is the cheapest little league bat, which is not more than 100 dollars. For baseball lovers, let’s check out the qualities it has.

This bat comes with 5 different sizes in length and weight. Baseball lovers can easily buy a size that suits them most. It is available in 27 to 31 inches in length and 16 to 21 oz in weight. This wooden youth baseball bat comes with durable material and provides you best quality performance.

It is the best usa approved baseball bat. Due to its light weight it gives you faster swing speeds.


  • USA approved baseball bat
  • Approved by league
  • Pop 2.0 technology
  • Cheap


  • Vibrates little
  • Durability claims from customers
Customer Reviews
  • This is the best superior bat and has great balance
  • It is an amazing balance of price and quantity. My son loves this bat and unbelievably gives best hits.

3. Louis ville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519

Price on Amazon

  • 5/8” barrel diameter
  • 31/32” tapered handle
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Huge sweet spot

Almost all of us know that Omasha 519 little league wood bat by Louisville slugger. Our recommended list will lacks if we don’t list down the little league bat by Omasha. This is the best authentic little league wood bat with six different sizes and weight. The length of the bat starts from 29 to 34 and weights 26 to 31 Oz respectively. This is designed with only one piece construction.

It will provide good performance and long-lasting durability. There is also a knob in this little league wooden bat that will protect bats from slipping.

This is the best cheap little league wood bats that will surely clear your mind and after reading this review it will make your decision confidently. So, go and grab your item.


  • Affordable in price
  • Comes with 6 star premium end cap
  • One piece alloy


  • None
Customer Review
  • My son loved this bat and hit wonderfully.
  • I love this bat and it was a great gift for my kid. He shows off his amazing skills with bating.

4. Easton Pro 271 Ash Baseball Bat

Price on Amazon

  • Medium-sized handle
  • Longer tape
  • Balanced feel
  • Handcrafted in the USA

If you want to win the award this little league wood bat does the duty at the job. Surprisingly, this is one of the all-time favorite brands of all the baseball players. Easton Pro 271 little league wood bat made of ash wood is the best wooden bat among the wooden bats out there in the market. It has a medium-sized barrel and handles as well. The barrel size offers a great balance between swing speed and hitting power. As compared to other wood type bats ash wooden bat offers a better flexion.

The barrel of this Easton Pro 271 little league wood bat has a tapered profile and the handle of this traditional bat ends in a knob with the cupped shaped design. Its cupped shape end designed particularly to reduce swing weight to achieve greater swing speed.

If you are looking for a light weight bat that offers speedy swings and yet, solid enough for hard hitting at the plate, then do look for other this bat is for you.


  • Durable
  • Light weight bat
  • Cushioned with an excellent grip


  • None
Customer Reviews
  • This is a well balanced light weight bat and hit solid.
  • Great little league wood bat with affordable price and handle grip. It is the great package of the bat for little baseball players.

5. De Marini 2019 Voodoo Wood Bat

Price on Amazon

  • Constructed with X14 alloy
  • Two-piece alloys
  • 3 fusion system
  • More than 5 sizes

This De Marini voodoo little league wood bat is made with x 14 alloy that makes it lighter and provides its strength as well. The barrel diameter of this De Marini 2019 voodoo bat is 2 5/8. Moreover, it is a two-piece alloy construction.

To give user’s comfort and light feel this little league wood bat handle is made with the Para flex composite addition to it, these youth wood composite bats are connected using 3 fusion technology.

The best thing about this bat is that it is usa baseball approved bats. By using this little league composite bat your little ones can participate in all little leagues.

To maintain grip, this little league wood bats equipped with X-lite knob generally known to be 25% lighter than a regulation knob. This standard knob easily fits in hands and gives you comfort while hitting.

This wooden baseball bat for kids comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Evenly balanced
  • One year warranty
  • USA guidelines approved


  • Lesser pop
Customer Reviews
  • I like the material of the bat and 3 fusion attachment systems that brings down vibration.
  • It does not come under the user’s first choice but noiseless it has all the features that need your attention to buy cheap youth wooden bats.

6. Axe Bat Avenge SR Baseball Bat

Price on Amazon

  • 2-piece composite construction
  • Patented axe handle
  • USSSA approved

This is the best little league composite bats with a 2 piece, drop -10 constructed with the BCP composite barrel. The BCP composite material gives this little league composite bat a lighter weight and great pop.

The diameter of its barrel is 2 ¾, which is most big-hearted in Axe lineup. The material and technology used in this barrel provide durability and lifetime.

Moreover, the patented Axe handle allows you more controlled swing, faster speed and better grip for harder hits.

This youth wooden baseball bat has a composite hyper whip end cap, which eliminates unnecessary weight from the tip and balanced weight. This is one of the best wood bat for kids we have reviewed.

It is USSSA baseball approved bat and comes in 5 different sizes. Additionally, it comes with a 30 day warranty.


  • Strong barrel
  • Light weight and hit well.
  • Larger sweet pop
  • Composite hyper whip


  • Weak handle
Customer Reviews
  • BCP composite material gives barrel some real strength and makes it lighter.
  • The handle grip of this youth wooden baseball bat is quite impressive and it makes easier for little league players to hold and swing.


Above we have discussed briefly some important factors and the list of best little league bats that may help you determine what kind and what size of bat with best features is suitable for you or your little league players. Selecting the right bat is not a difficult task as we think it is. If you know what are the important factors to consider before buying any wooden baseball bat for kids. Here, we have already made this process easier because it totally depends on your little league bat requirements.


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