Found of riding an RV? This seems like you don’t need a modern invention right now and want to stay connected with nature. Well, this will not make you backward at all. For those who love driving RVs or planning to have one, we are mentioning the best rv surge protector reviews for RV lovers.

Just a quick introduction for RV (recreational vehicle) is a living apartment but on road. This means mobile accommodation for one person or two. RV surge protector protects the electrical system of RV circuit as it can prevent damage to the circuit from overuse. EMS (electrical management system) is a better option that can provide more protection for the surges.

Here are some best rv surges protectors that can keep your work going on.

ImageNameCheck Price
Progressive Industries 3.13"Price on Amazon
Progressive Industries SSP-30XL"Price on Amazon
Camco 55313 Circuit Analysis"Price on Amazon
Progressive Industries SSP- 50XL"Price on Amazon
Technology Research 44750"Price on Amazon
Progressive industries EMS-PT50X"Price on Amazon
Hughes Auto former PWD30-EPO"Price on Amazon
Southwire Black 34950"Price on Amazon

Top 8 Best RV Surge Protector Reviews

1. Progressive Industries 3.13

Progressive Industries 3.13

Price on Amazon

Key features

  • Portable
  • easy to install
  • Compact design
  • LED indicators
  • Enhances thermal protection
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Progressive Industries is one of the best companies in the market that can provide the best surge protection. We are reviewing their best selling product which is progressive industries 3.13.1168 SSP30X that is one smart protector.

The feature of portability makes it more valuable to stand out in the market. With the polarity tester, you can easily check the power status before using it.

As we have mentioned that it is portable, that is something which can make us realize that it is easy to be installed. You just need to plug this surge device to the source and here you go.

The sleek and compact design makes a plus point for because it can only take a limited amount of space. The advantage of having this device is that it is specifically designed for the outdoor. That is what an RV lover wants.

The best-priced rv surge protectors have thermal protection always gives you the alert with it three power indicators in case of any kind of power surge.

So having this is a smart choice as it can save you with a lot of time.

2. Progressive Industries SSP-30XL

Progressive Industries SSP-30XL

Price on Amazon

Key features

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) seal
  • Non-complicated product
  • Able to detect open neutral, reverse and open ground polarity
  • Thermal protection
  • Sturdy handle with a locking bracket
  • Comes with a weather shield

Our second product also belongs to the same family but with another model and more cool features. The best part about this surge protector is that it comes with the seal of the Underwriters laboratory. This alone makes it more trusted.

Like the other product of this company, this too is a non-complex gadget. With the help of manual and pictures, you can easily install it by yourself. Another cool feature of this surge device is that it has the ability to detect the neutral open, open ground and reverse polarity.

This surge protection device is designed for outdoor so that is why this product provides weather resistance with the weather shield.

The big size, sturdy built and locking brackets makes it safer. The three LED lights help you to be awarded the alerts every single time.

3. Camco 55313 Circuit Analysis


Price on Amazon

Key features

  • LED lights
  • 4,200 joules integrated protection
  • Weather resistance
  • Circuit analyzer

The camco 55313 is another product on which we can trust and full satisfaction from the company. The good thing about this surge protecting gadget is that it guarantees full protection from improper wiring.

With the instant visual indication, it lets you know about the issues before connecting to the power of the electrical box of your RV. It has the max limit of 2100 joules of surge protection that is perfect for protection.

The lights indicate the issues. This travel trailer surge protector is easy to be used as it can go with a single plugin and it is weather resistance too. The solid build of this circuit analyzer provides proper safety to your RV.

4. Progressive Industries SSP- 50XL

Progressive Industries SSP- 50XL

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Able to detect polarity
  • Lights for indication
  • Thermal protection for security
  • Able to be plugged at the shore

In rv surge protector reviews, we have found our third product from the Progressive industry that is best for 50-amp RV protector. When we were reviewing this product, we found out that this is the most recommended product from the progressive industry.

Progressive industries surge protectors are able to boast the range till 1650 joules for surge suppression. It is able to detect the polarity.

the indicator of this surge protector always notifies you when there is any kind of improper wiring that assures you total protection with thermal protection.

The solid handle gives ease for plugging that can be connected to the shore power.

5. Technology Research 44750

Technology Research 44750

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weather-resistance
  • Easy to install
  • 510 joules
  • Assures Safety

This unit is highly suggested for the RV as it provides you complete protection without any failure. This is perfect for RVs and travel trailers.

It has a typical construction like other but it boosts the protector and its shock shield that prevents shock.

This is also a weather-resistant protector as the weather does not affect it, anyone. So you easily visit regardless of the weather. It is user-friendly surge protection you can easily install them by just plugin them in.

It can provide the surge protection rating till 510 joules that are quite convenient for many RVs. another cool feature that we have found only in this surge protector is that it has the ability to auto power shut off. That assures another level of your safety.

6. Progressive industries EMS-PT50X

Progressive industries EMS-PT50X

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • 50 amp rating
  • Solid build
  • Detects polarity
  • Notifies in case of emergency

Well, the Progressive industry seems to be best in this business as our majority of products belong from it. Progressive Industries produces promising products with quality features.

This best 50 amp rv surge protector is a sturdy solution for the RVs. the weather-resistant feature allows you to take it anywhere or everywhere without any doubt.

This unit is able to boost the unit’s polarity to cope with every type of voltage whether it is over-voltage or fall of voltage. The indicator of voltage failure makes it easy for the user to get notified in case of an emergency.

The rugged pull handle allows easy usage and manageable. It has all the good features that a good surge protector should have.

7. Hughes Auto former PWD30-EPO

Hughes Auto former PWD30-EPO

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Auto Shut off
  • 2400j surge protection
  • Able to connect
  • Absorbs spikes
  • Auto shut off
  • LED Diagnostic power

Hughes auto former is one of the power boosters that provides excellent surge protection. If it identifies the low voltage which could be below 113 volts, the Hughes auto former goes automatically detects and increase its output up to 10%.

This rv surge protector 30 amp, hard-wired surge protector version of the surge protector weighs 21 pounds and the other version has 35 pounds is of 50 amp.

With the help of the installation kit, you can use it with ease but the company does not suggest the hard wiring for the unit.

8. Southwire Black 34950

Southwire Black 34950

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • LCD display for monitoring voltage
  • Reset 128 second
  • Auto shut off at the voltage below 102V
  • 68w x 22.00L x 3.86 Depth
  • Comes with anti-theft lock

The surge guard protects your RV from any high or low voltage. It is able to detect reverse polarity, open neutral or if it is open ground. Having this surge protector will keep your RV safe. You don’t have to worry about it.

The LCD display always monitors the voltage and shows if the polarity reserve is open ground, neutral ground, etc. another good feature of this surge protector is that it automatically shuts off if it observes voltage below 102V or vice versa in case it lasts for more than 7 seconds.

The delay time for resetting of this surge protector is 128 seconds which is pretty awesome. It comes with a limited time warranty so if you are planning to get one then go and hurry. The anti-theft lock makes your unit more secure so that you can stay carefree.

Power Conditioner vs Surge Protector

When we talk about surge protectors, it means a device that is able to protect your RVs from electrical spikes or from any catastrophic damage but it is unable to reduce the noise and fluctuation of electricity. Whereas a power condition is to clear the power before getting to the hardware.

Closing notes

For safety on the roadsides, it is important or you can say compulsory for the RVs to have a surge protector. You are on luck because this time we have rv surge protector reviews for you with the complete guide and the fascinating key features. progressive industries surge

Like always we prefer to provide the best and honest assistance to our customers so that they can get what actually they want.


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