A portable microwave for car is a perfect device for hodophiles. As a roadie, spending time outdoor all time is a challenging task and what if you really have to suffer from hunger while traveling.

To satisfy your cravings, all you need is a microwave for car. These are the best suitable devices for itinerant to cook food and even heat up snacks that they carry them along with the traveling.

In this buying guide, we help you in searching such type of devices and compiled a list of top six for you beneath.

Editor's Pick


HOTLOGIC Food Warmer

☞ It heats food without drying out
☞ The device can holds up to temperature for 12 hours
☞ You can enjoy without any hassle

But before buying you need to look for the factors that are essential to consider, as these elements help you narrow down your choice and chose the best portable microwave.

Things To Consider Before Buying


Most of the devices of these portable microwaves for cars are in the affordable price range. But, there are some models that are a bit expensive than others and have more advanced features. Plus the expensive models of the portable microwave for travel are bigger in sizes. So, before investing you need to think whether you want a pricey model with big size and more features or an affordable one that might have fewer features than others.


This is the must thing to consider before buying a microwave oven for car. When you go to search for a portable car microwave on the market, you might see that there is a number of devices in different sizes. Some of the portable microwave for cars might not suitable for certain types of cars.


Wattage should be considered while buying a portable microwave car as you are going to use it in the car. For fast cooking buy the one with high wattage and for neutral cooking buy the one with low wattage. But, don’t expect more regarding wattage from these devices as this is going to be used in the car.

Easy To Use

Buy the one whose programs are easy to use. It permits you to create a multi-step program that will allow you to set it according to your needs and desires. You can easily set the programs and cook the food evenly and more efficiently.

Cooking Functions

Some portable microwave ovens come with pre-settings that is an extra advance feature you can look for. This feature permits you to able to rotate the food so that it can cook evenly. Moreover, you can also have one with a security lock for safety measures.

Simple To Clean

When comes to clean the travel microwave for car, you should look for the device which is easy to clean and kept. Or buy the one which is made of non-stick material.

Top 6 Portable Microwave For Car

HOTLOGIC Food Warmer

☞ It heats food without drying out
☞ The device can holds up to temperature for 12 hours
☞ You can enjoy without any hassle
4.8Price on Amazon
Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave

☞ Easy to use
☞ Simple to clean
☞ Potable device
4.4Price on Amazon
Tundra MW Series 120V Truck oven

☞ 1-year warranty
☞ 10 power levels
☞ User-friendly control panel
3.7Price on Amazon
TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box

☞ Dishwasher Friendly
☞ Additional spoon for free
☞ 1.5 liters capacity
4.1Price on Amazon
Daewoo KOR-7LREW Microwave

☞ Great efficiency
☞ Instant cook
☞ Does not heats up
3.7Price on Amazon
Gideon Heated Portable Microwave for car

☞ Feel comfort in your car by having this
☞ Spacious interior
☞ Easy to clean interior just by wiping
4.1Price on Amazon

1. HOTLOGIC Food Warmer

Price on Amazon

  • It is an ideal travel microwave for car that prepares healthy food and meals.
  • This device evenly cooks and warms fresh or frozen meats and vegetables. It can even reheat the leftovers without drying or burning your food.
  • When comes to food containers, it is best compatible with most of the flat bottom containers with sealable lids that include plastic, aluminum foil, glass, metal, Tupperware, and even cardboard.
  • Size of a container does not exceed more than 8.75” width, 6.75” length, and 2.5” height.
  • It requires no monitoring. You just need to place your meal inside it and plug it in or rejuvenate.


  • It heats food without drying out
  • The device can hold up to temperature for 12 hours
  • You can enjoy without any hassle


  • Might get overheated

This portable microwave for car is the editor’s top pick. That is a durable device and comes in different colors. Moreover, having this you don’t have to worry about the preservation of food which is the best part.

This device helps you save your money and easy to use.

Customer Reviews

The happy customers had to say that it is a fantastic little meal helper especially for those who don’t have any station to eat and have to rely on only junk food. This is the ideal piece of gift for those kinds of people or travelers.

2. Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave

Price on Amazon

  • This is the small microwave for car that cooks for 30 seconds at 100% power.
  • You can also add manual settings of 30 seconds in this microwave.
  • When comes to capacity, it easily has the capacity to have a dinner size plate in it to cook and heat.
  • This device comes with a rounded back that is easy to adjust in a car or at the corner of the trunk.
  • Moreover, its features include a control lock that helps you to avoid unintended use of the small microwave for car.


  • It has 10 variable power levels
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Potable device


  • Greater height than usual
  • Expensive among others

This microwave for your car is the prompt if you are a hodophile, due to its amazing capacity and easy functions. This is the most compatible device you can use in your travel times to stay healthy and enjoy warmer foods anytime.

Customer Reviews

This portable microwave for travel is easy to use and clean. This is the great corner microwave that fits nicely anywhere.

3. Tundra MW Series 120V Truck oven

Price on Amazon

  • The portable microwave for trucks runs on 120 volts and the power inverter required 1500W or more.
  • If this model is for installing into the sleeper truck then it will require an inverter to power the unit.
  • It comes in an elegant finish and with stainless steel accents.
  • Moreover, it is vibration resistant device.
  • It is compatible with most power inverters with the additional feature of compact size that is easily fit in most sleeper cabinets.
  • This device is UL-CSA approved and has 6 auto-cook programs.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 10 power levels
  • User-friendly control panel


  • I bit large in size

This portable microwave for trucks come in a compact design and is easy to use an oven. Having this in car microwave you can enjoy warm food anytime anywhere without any hustle.

Customer Reviews

67% of consumers rated this device with 5 stars and said that it has a large capacity and works efficiently.

4. TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box

Price on Amazon

  • This is the two in one package of electric lunch box you can use anywhere, whether in a home or in cars.
  • The electric food warmer comes in two different plugs. The one is for work or home with 110 volts, and the other one is 12 volt microwave for car of trucks.
  • Having this you don’t need to look constantly to the microwave as it comes with a fast-heating feature and has thermal food container that keeps your food warm for a long time.
  • Moreover, it contains a detachable stainless steel tray which can be clean easily.
  • It has two compartments of plastic. Now you don’t need to mix your food. Two different foods can be put separately.
  • Plus, it is easy to use by simply putting the food into the lunch box. It is a microwave that plugs into the cigarette lighter connector.


  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Additional spoon for free
  • 1.5 liters capacity
  • Remains food warm
  • Use 40 watts only
  • High-quality plastic


  • Less versatile
  • Less capacity
  • Not for cooking

This cigarette lighter microwave connector electric lunch box is an epic model for travelers and for those who spend their maximum time on roads for business. With this device, they only need to plug-in the device on cigarette lighter plugs and heat the food they bring along.

Customer Reviews

A satisfies customer had to say that “I love the fact that I can drive in my car when my food is heating up. When I’m ready to eat, it’s ready it’s nice and warm. I’m on a special diet so it’s great to be able to eat hot food that I prepared.”

5. Daewoo KOR-7LREW Microwave

Price on Amazon

  • The device comes with a total four auto cook menu.
  • The turntable has a size of 10 inches and 255mm thick.
  • It comes with the idea of two way defrosting system.
  • Plus, it has a feature of zero standby functions.
  • The wattage it offers is 700W and has five microwave power levels.
  • This mini microwave oven for car comes with stainless steel detail in three different colors and has a focal design.
  • The classic retro mini microwave for car has a powerful output capacity combination of exclusive Daewoo’s technology that ensures baking results.


  • Great efficiency
  • Instant cook
  • Does not heats up
  • Amazing size for car and trucks
  • In three different colors
  • User-friendly environment
  • Easy to bake and cook
  • Easy to clean device


  • Quick over-heating
  • A bit expensive than others

This is a great in car microwaves with good price and best size and an outstanding appearance with a lot of best features and advantages one can take. Keeping in mind all the benefits and features it offers we decided to pick this mini microwave oven for car in our list of top six.

Customer Reviews

With a lot of positive feedback on efficiency and appearance, this portable car microwave is definitely a people pleaser.

6. Gideon Heated Portable Microwave for car

Price on Amazon

  • This is an ideal piece of car charger microwave that needs to be simply plug in into any 12 volt source of power.
  • By plugging-in, it quickly heats up food t a piping 300 degrees.
  • It features a heat resistant case that always stays cool to the touch.
  • Moreover, it stays closed tightly with the front closure that effectively prevents food spillages.
  • When comes to size, the exterior size is 10 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches.
  • If we talk about weight, it carries only 2.5lbs and has a 6 feet power cord that can connect easily into the cigarette lighter plug.
  • Besides, it features a convenient fold-flat carrying handle.
  • The non-stick interior aluminum surface makes it easy to clean a device.
  • This car microwave 12v is well insulated to help lock in the temperature and keep the food and meals hot for a longer time.


  • Feel comfort in your car by having this
  • Spacious interior
  • Easy to clean interior just by wiping
  • Portable device
  • Take less space in a car


  • Can’t cook food that needs more effort
  • No separate section for different meal items

This best portable microwave brings the advanced features of cool to cook case and carrying case that makes your travel more exciting. You can warm up your meal while driving and then take it along to your camping area or you can also stop for eating anywhere. This is the best find on Amazon and is the best seller device.

Customer Reviews

A lot of buyers on Amazon recommended this product and said that it heats up food quickly and came in handy. Moreover, they said that it is a great gift for Roadies. Customers are really impressed with this device.


All the products we reviewed in our buying guide of the portable microwave for car are amazing in their performance and offer a huge level of advantages to their users. The editor’s recommendation is this portable HOTLO0GIC food warmer among all. We hope that after perusing this buying guide you have selected your best option. 

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1. Can you use microwave in car?

A lot of travelers and roadies can use a microwave in car.

2. Can you get a 12v microwave?

There are not enough options for a 12v microwave for car but a few can have. You can check in our list above.

3. Is there a portable microwave?

Yes, there is a portable microwave with amazing features and at affordable prices.

4. How much is a portable microwave?

A lot of portable microwave for car ranges from $25 to $400.

5. What is the best small microwave?

Toshiba and whirlpool these two brands launches the best small microwave.

6. How can I heat up food in my car?

By plugging a cable of microwave in cigarette lighter connector or by using invertor for microwave you can heat up food in your car.

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