Ultra Premium Telephoto Lens – Buying Guide 2020

Are you fond of photography? If yes then is article will develop your interest as we are reviewing ultra premium telephoto lens.

We want to capture every single moment of life. Even for the love of photography, some people pursue it as a profession. Just to begin it, all you need is a professional camera and ultra premium telephoto lens to capture the objects that are far away from us.

It does not mean that these lenses are only for cameras, you can also find them for your smartphones as well. Now we are livening in the era where our smartphones can give us the high definition pictures.

So here, we are reviewing top 6 telephoto lens that can keep your memorable moments preserved with HD quality. Have a look.

Top 6 Ultra premium Telephoto Lens

ImageNameRatingCheck Price
TelePhoto camera by Vorida

☞Stable tripod
☞65 wide angle lens
☞ 14x pro telephoto lens
4.6/5Check Price
WQYRLJ 20x Telephoto

☞Monocular lens
☞20 X optical zoom
☞ Portable
4.5/5Check Price
Mituhaki 8X Zoom Optical

☞Tablet Gadgets
☞265m vision
☞ 8X Zoom Optical Telescope
4.4/5Check Price
Xenvo Pro Lens for Smartphones

☞15x microlens
☞45 x wide lens
☞Rechargeable Led light
4.3/5Check Price
Phone Camera Lens Pro by ANGFLY

☞4k high-quality image
☞260mm resolution
☞ Low flare anti-reflection
4.2/5Check Price
Ezving ‘s Phone Camera Lens

☞12X telephoto
☞ 36 X angel lens and 15 X
4.1/5Check Price

1. TelePhoto camera by Vorida

TelePhoto camera by Vorida

Check Price

Key features
  • Japanes optical glass lens.
  • Stable tripod
  • 14x pro telephoto lens
  • 65 wide angle lens
  • 30 days money back

The first lens that we have narrowed down for you is by Vorida. This telephoto lens for phone is the best telephoto lens for iphone and the other smartphones. As we said that this is perfect for a smartphone that definitely tells that this cell phone telephoto lens is compatible with all of your smartphones.

This telephoto lens is made up of fine Japanese quality optical glass that comes with a multi-resistant coating. That means that this telephoto can provide the HD quality material lens.

The stable tripod of this professional lens for iphone with the adjustable legs. This lens allows you a 14x pro telephoto lens that can capture the images from quite a distance.

If you are going to a football match or any other sport and want to capture your favorite player then this telephoto is the perfect choice. It has been upgraded to 0.65x that is capable of capturing the whole scene.

The last cool thing that we like to mention is that in 30 days you can get your cashback. This cell phone is compatible with both iphones and smartphones.

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to start photography but couldn’t afford one as I am studying. I bought this online and yeah, it did not disappoint me.

2.  WQYRLJ 20x Telephoto

WQYRLJ 20x Telephoto

Check Price

Key Features
  • Monocular lens
  • HD definition
  • 20 X optical zoom
  • Compatible with Iphones and Android
  • Portable

The second product that we have for you is WQYRLJ 20X. This is a top rated iphone lenses in the cell phone zoom lens reviews.

It comes with the monocular lens that helps in capturing the distant sceneries. This telephoto telescope is able to provide you the high definition masterpieces.

The portable 20X zoom lens is easy to be carried around as it is compact so you can easily put it into your pocket. This is perfect to capture the fast-moving objects.

The feature of focus allows you to preserve the moment in hd quality. If you are concerned that if it goes with your phone or not. Don’t worry. This is easily compatible with all the Android smartphones and Apple devices as well.

Customer Reviews

This product is perfect. I will give it 9/10.

3. Mituhaki 8X Zoom Optical

MItuhaki 8X Zoom Optical

Check Price

Key Features
  • Tablet Gadgets
  • Easy to be used
  • 265m vision
  • 8X Zoom Optical Telescope

This is another ultra premium telephoto lens which is the best telephoto lens for iphone that we have found in the smartphone camera lens reviews. This cell phone telephoto lens is perfect to be connected with your gadgets including tablets, your Android smartphones, iphones and ipads.

Mltukhaki 8x is a telephoto lens for a smartphone that is made of high-class glass. The -360 degrees of the wide lens allows us to capture all the scenery without darkening the corners and provide the best and clear result. This could be the best companion for you on your tour.

The removable ulta clip helps to adjust and focus the object you are about to capture but it takes a little time. That does not make it a complex telephoto lens because it is easy to be used and allows you to capture the view up to a distance of 265m.

The 8X zoom optical lens gives you your desired result in less time.

Customer Reviews

If you are looking for perfect ultra premium telephoto lens then I must say this is a great choice.

4.      Xenvo Pro Lens for Smartphones

Xenvo Pro Lens for Smartphones

Check Price

Key Features
  • Compatible with single and dual cameras
  • Able to connect with iphones and android phones
  • 15x microlens
  • 45 x wide lens
  • Rechargeable Led light

The fourth product we are mentioning here is by Xenvo Pro lens that is one of the ultra premium telephoto lens.

This made its position in the best smartphone camera lens reviews that can provide you alone a HD quality picture. The kit of this best telephoto lens for cell phone includes a camera lens that provides 45% extra-wide zoom to capture the image.

Whether you are going to have a photoshoot or trying to capture the landscape of a sunset. It will give you all the mesmerizing portraits. You can get a magnified the nearby objects.

This product has the feature of a glow clip that is rechargeable. It can provide an illuminating image in no time. You can easily adjust the brightness level of your picture before capturing it as it allows three different modes i.e. low, medium and high to provide the best results.

Customer Reviews

If you want to get a professional result with mobile then I recommend you this ultra-premium telephoto lens.

5. Phone Camera Lens Pro by ANGFLY

Phone Camera Lens Pro by ANGFLY

Check Price

Key Features
  • Provide 4k high-quality image
  • 45 days cashback warranty
  • Able to connect with Iphones and Android
  • Multi-layered lens with low flare anti-reflection
  • 260mm resolution

The other lens that we have for you is by Angfly. This best cheap iphone lens and Android lens is one that can provide you hd image by making your special moments memorable.

This ultra premium telephoto lens comes with wide angle and macro lens that is compatible with every type of phone. This lens can capture life-sized images easily without any doubt.

The wide range angle of this product allows 2x more images. The multi-layered lens of this telephoto lens for phone can provide you the cinema-quality picture to you.

If you don’t like the product don’t worry, this lens for camera comes with the 45 days money back along with the 12 months warranty.

Customer Reviews

Perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

6. Ezving ‘s Phone Camera Lens

6.      Ezving ‘s Phone Camera Lens

Check Price

Key Features
  • 36 X angel lens and 15 X macro lens
  • 12X telephoto
  • Dual-adjustment
  • Handy remote shutter
  • Compatible with every smartphone

The last product that we are reviewing for you is another telelens for iphone and other smartphones. This telephoto lens for the phone is designed with a sturdy tripod with a handy remote shutter.

This ultra premium telephoto lens for smartphones comes with a phone zoom kit that includes 0.36x which is a wide-angle lens along with a 15x macro lens. Additionally, it includes 180 fisheye lens, tripod, and flexible universal clips.

This is the best telephoto lens for smartphone as it is compatible with every smartphone. Whether you have an android phone or an iphone, it will provide you the same high-quality pictures.

When it comes to warranty, this product comes with 12 months of warranty for a replacement for the kit with the 24 hours of customer service assistance.

Customer Reviews

Perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

Closing Notes

Capturing pictures is an art. If you know the right angle to capture the picture it becomes even easier for you. To enhance the quality of your image you need to have a ultra premium telephoto lens.

We, in this article, are reviewing the best telephoto lens that can help you to fulfill your desire of becoming a photographer with your smartphone.

You can easily capture the distant objects in HD quality with these ultra premium telephoto lens. We have provide enough information for you that now you can get at least one of these.


A: this lens is designed to capture the object that is far away or for capturing the moment of sports match.
A: the focal length is under 50mm. the 18-200mm could be both the telephoto and for the wide angles.

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