White Laser Lights for House – Review Guide 2020

Looking for white laser lights for house that goes with your party theme? Still no luck yet? Well, I must say that you have got into the right place right now.

Decorating your place tell about the aesthetic sense that you have got. When it comes to planning a party, we prefer to use the ones that provide a groovier look. It becomes even difficult to get the right ones when you have plenty of choices.

The string lights require to climb up the ladder and hand the strings. Well, it is now in the past as the laser lights have solved this issue. Now you can get the illusion of twinkling stars at night with these white laser lights for house.

Let’s see the laser lights that we have picked up for you.

ImageNameCustomers RatingCheck Price
Kuso Waterproof Laser Light4.7/5Check Price
QJJML Outdoor Flood Light4.6/5Check Price
XH Outdoor Snowfall Snowflake4.4/5Check Price
Led Christmas White Laser Lights4.3/5Check Price
Riforla Laser Projector4.2/5Check Price
Sunny Laser Lights4/5Check Price

Top 6 white laser lights for house

1. Kuso Waterproof Laser Light

Kuso Waterproof Laser Light

Check Price

Key Features

  • 4ft Cable length
  • Able to work -10 to 50 C
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • 240 volts

The first white laser lights for house that we have brought for you is Kuso White Laser Lights. This white outdoor laser light and indoor as well.

Placing these laser lights can make you carefree as these lights are totally safe. Now with the help of these lights, you don’t need any ladder to climb up to decorate the trees or ceiling. Just plug it in and here you go.

This projector will give you the illusion of star shower laser lights clear at the night time. With these white outdoor laser light projector, you can create a romantic environment for your loved ones.

The snow shower laser lights or the white laser lights for trees can portray the image of snowfall gives you the feel of snowfall during the time of Christmas.

The waterproof feature of this outdoor laser light white or in any other color protects them so you can put them outside without any worries.

The amazing feature of auto-timer can switch the lights on and off at the scheduled time so you don’t need to turn it off or on. This white outdoor laser light projector is smart enough to do it by itself.

Overall, this product got 4.7/5.

Customer Reviews

  • This laser white light is perfect to give the illusion of snowfall. We live in an area where snow does not fall so on Christmas, I used this projector.


2. QJJML Outdoor Flood Light

QJJML Outdoor Flood Light

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Key Features

  • 6 W
  • -20 degree C to 40 degree C temperature for working
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
  • 3-10M projection
  • 5m cable length

The second white laser lights for house that we are sharing with you are by QJJML Laser Lights. This white firefly light projector is able to give you the effect of snow falling with the color temperature (8k to 15k). With this illusion, you can get the image of real snowfall when it is not.

The projection distance range of this clear laser light projector is 3-10m which is able to cover 5 to 60m distance. You can also put these lights at the wedding function as these white outdoor laser light totally goes with the theme.

These white laser lights for house can be controlled by a remote as it allows you to change the effects, flashing frequency the rotational speed and timer.

This white firefly light projector possesses the feature of timer so you can set it for the hours accordingly. You can leave them outside without worrying as they are made to be waterproof that prevents it from any kind of weather.

The length of the power cable of this white laser shower lights is 5m which is quite sufficient the rest will be done with the 180 degrees movement of the projector’s head. Now you can get the real illusion by adjusting the head of the projector.

The easy installation makes another point for this projector as it includes all the parts within that would be needed.

This product got 4.6/5 by the customers.

Customer Reviews

  • Thank you so much, Amazon for having such a wonderful product. I totally love the way it lights up my house.

3.  XH Outdoor Snowfall Snowflake

XH Outdoor Snowfall Snowflake

Check Price

Key Features

  • Moving snowflakes
  • Auto-timer
  • Waterproof
  • IP44 power adapter
  • For indoor and outdoor decoration

The next white christmas laser lights that we have lined up for you is by XH. This white laser lights for trees give the snowflakes light that automatically moves. This can give you a cool and romantic environment.

The automatic timer is by default 6 hours but you can set it according to your requirement after which it will automatically shut down.

The IP44 water-resistant feature of this white christmas laser lights allows you to put them outside without worrying about the weather condition. This makes these light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

When it comes to warranty, XH provides 24 hours customer support with one year of guarantee along with 30 days of cashback.

It has got 4.3/5 from the customers.

Customer Reviews

  • I was disappointed initially as I wanted the white lights but got multi-instead. I contacted the company and immediately they replaced my order.


4.  Led Christmas White Laser Lights

Led Christmas White Laser Lights

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Key Features

  • LED projection
  • Waterproof
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Remote-controlled within the range of 15m
  • Has three different modes

The fourth product that we have for you is by LED Christmas with White snow Projection. This white outdoor laser lights are designed with the LED laser lights with many unique patterns in different colors.

The wireless mode of these laser lights is able to be controlled with a remote within the distance of 15 meters with the three different modes including lantern mode, the full mode, and the ambient mode.

These white laser lights for Christmas are waterproof that allow you to put it outside without worrying about the rain or the snow. Just put it out there and there you go.

You can also use this projector inside to give the illusion of the snowfall inside your room and goes with the theme of your room.

Overall, this product got 4.3/5.

Customer Reviews

  • If you want a perfect illusion of snowfall at your home then this projector is perfect for that. I used it both for indoor and outdoor decoration.


5. Riforla Laser Projector

Riforla Laser Projector

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Key Features

  • 172 x 140mm lamp size
  • -20 degree to 40 degrees C working temperature
  • 3 x 3W light
  • Remote controlled
  • For indoor and outdoor

The second last product that we have for you is Riforla Laser Projector. These outdoor christmas laser lights white is perfect to be placed in your living room or where the party is going on. This product has got a 4.2/5.

The head of the lamp’s size is 172 x 140mm along with a body size of 148mm. The 3 x 3w, night stars laser lights portray the picture of a bright night sky full of stars. The input power of these white outdoor laser lights is UL120 / BS240 V that gives the output of 5V 1A power.

The remote control feature of this projector helps you turn off and on with just a single button. The 3m long power cord allows you to take it anywhere without worrying.

Customer Reviews

  • Thumbs up to the company. I am a lazy person and I hate decorating alone so I just bought this. Now I am care free.


6.  Sunny Laser Lights

Sunny Laser Lights

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Key Features

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • RGB laser source
  • 0-5 minutes for warm up time
  • Able to work indoor with 10-40 degree C
  • Easy to be installed

The last product for that night stars laser lights that we have selected for you is Sunny Laser Lights. It has 4/5 in the Amazon rating.

This laser projector comes with 128 different colorful patterns with 20 gobos. These RGB laser lights can light up your indoor and outdoor as well.

The voice-activated sensor of this clear laser light projector is able to control sound and music effect that makes the light dance with rhythm or the mode of the music.

The IR remote of this projector helps to change the mode, the color of lights, speed and rotation and the sensitivity of the mic. It is very easy for Sunny Laser Light projector to make the atmosphere of your party more vibrant.

Without any blur, this projector is able to through the light up to 2500 sq.ft effectively in the dim light. The lightweight and compact design with the stand of this laser light projector is easy to be installed so you can take it anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to safety, this projector is completely certified by FCC, CE, FDA, etc. Along with that, you can get 6 months of warranty. So buying this could be profitable.

Customer Reviews

  • This small metal box is the box of bright glittering laser lights. I am glad that I have bought these lights that go with every single party that I have at my home.

Closing Notes

You can find a number of different laser lights that can leave you indecisive to get the right one. As it is a long-lasting purchase, why not to get the perfect one once and use it for the rest of the time?

Since we value your money and time, we have brought the perfect outdoor christmas laser lights white that gives the illusion of snow shower laser lights to your house. Hope this article will provide you and help you to provide enough assistance.


A: Laser christmas lights projection on house are totally safe as most of them are battery operated but it can cause damage to your retinas if they as exposed directly to the eyes for a long time.
A: yes. These beam lights in projectors are legal and safe to be used.
A: apparently not until these laser lights are in prolonged direct contact with the eyes.

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